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Where did you make Can you share a photo of your workstation or the room you work in?

I started making this site on a long flight by sketching out the idea in my notebook and I later coded it while sitting at my desk in my apartment in Fort Greene. Here's a photo of my workstation feat x 2.

Photo of Maya's desk.

When is Maya usually on the Internet? Would you ever post an Internet schedule on your website?

Maya is usually on the Internet whenever she is conscious tbh. Even if I'm not actually on a device, I'm probably still thinking about it. Sometimes a break is enforced, but irregularly. I probably would never post an Internet schedule on my website because it feels antithetical to my passion for lurking which relies on me being able to be online, but not visibly.

What tools/technology did you use to make

My website is hand coded by me in pure HTML, CSS, and vanilla Javascript. It's important to me to build my personal site without complex dependencies or frameworks because it promotes longevity. I actually built this small system that lets me enter all the media/text for different projects in a JSON and then wrote some JavaScript that turns that data into the DOM elements you see on each page.

The full process of making the site also involved: an channel moodboard, my composition notebook, Figma, VSCode, Chrome, Namecheap, the terminal, and Github (my site is hosted via Github pages).

Can you share any process/behind-the-scenes work for the website?

Screenshot from Maya's computer. Screenshot of Maya's projects. Screenshot of JavaScript code. Screenshot from Maya's mood board. Screenshot from Maya's Figma. Photo of Maya's notebook.

Your work seems to flow between websites (from social media accounts to your personal website). How do you make these platforms work together for your practice?

As an artist, I see the computer screen as a space for performance and this mindset affects how I show up both on social media as well as in my web based work. Having an online presence these days often means that your identity spans multiple platforms and mediums. By drawing lines (i.e. links) between my work and my social media accounts, I'm giving people that encounter either a more holistic view of how I perform as myself on the Internet.

What kind of websites do you want to see more of on the web today?

I want to see more websites that people make for themselves and don't tell anyone else (or only tell very few people) about. I guess I wouldn't actually see those, but I want to encourage that kind of energy around website making today.