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What did you do today?

Not much, the internet is out at my house (I’m writing this on my phone) so I couldn’t do my regular schedule of doing my online job before I go to my physical job where I just sit in a store and do my online job. I bought some groceries and I’ll probably go to a park and read before work.

Where do you usually update

I write at my desk.

Photo of Sean's workstation.

At the bottom of you write, "page design borrowed from:". What did you like about and why did you borrow it's design for your website?

I liked that markertext had a raw HTML look but with a few tasteful design touches to the margins and link colors that stopped it from feeling lazy. I originally copied the design about 5 years ago when I planned to publish some random essays on my site, which I never really did. When I started TMAR I didn’t see a point in changing the format I already had.

A screenshot of

How do you go about updating/adding new reviews to What tools/technology do you use?

My coding knowledge is at the bare minimum, though I guess it’s unusual that I actually write the reviews themselves in Sublime Text. I find it’s easier to do the formatting as I write. I basically just use paragraph and link tags so it’s not hard.

In one word how would you describe writing HTML by hand?